By R. L. LaFevers

After tangling with the lethal basilisk, Nathaniel Fludd is blissful to come to England together with his Aunt Phil. yet an individual has ransacked their domestic, and their top suspect is the sinister guy who is been attempting to thieve the ebook of Beasts.

Before Nate and Aunt Phil can locate the offender, they're known as to Welsh geographical region. The wyverns (giant dragons) are in an uproar. may possibly an analogous guy who ransacked the Fludd apartment be in the back of the rift with the wyverns? And simply what does he wish with The booklet of Beasts? yet sooner than Nate can remedy that secret, he needs to calm the dragons ahead of it truly is too past due. it truly is simply one other day at paintings for the world's youngest beastologist!

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Nate asked. His voice wobbled, so he cleared his throat. "Now we try to track down Miss Lumpton. " Nate shook his head. "I never thought about her living someplace else. " "Well, she must have a home or some remaining family. Perhaps there is a record of it back at your parents' house. " "I told you, they never sent any letters," Nate said glumly. "That you know of," Aunt Phil clarified. "Come along. " Chapter Four THEY ARRIVED IN UPTON DOWNS just after lunch. Stepping off the train, Nate was flooded with sights and sounds that were achingly familiar.

Her face lit up with relief as the dodo emerged from under the kitchen sink. " "Harrumph," the dodo squawked. " Indeed, the bird's feathers were all ruffled and askew. " Aunt Phil knelt down in front of him. " It seemed to Nate that Cornelius was trying to look as pathetic as possible. "I see the boy made it back ( alive," the dodo sniffed. Nate wanted to shout, Yes, I made it back, you dumb dodo! " Cornelius gave a small squawk of dismay. " he asked, craning his neck, trying to see his own backside.

I don'ts know. " "This is a prime example of why we don't need a gremlin wandering around," Aunt Phil pointed out before reading the note. "It's from Cornelius," she said at last. "He's received word from our caretaker in Wales. " Nate asked. " Aunt Phil looked at him over the top of the note. " Nate asked, exasperated. " "Oh. Right. Well, it's a dragon—one of the last surviving breeds of dragon in western Europe. All those horrid dragon deeds you've read about in stories have been done by rampaging wyverns: breathing fire, ruining crops, drying up rivers, stealing cattle and sheep and young children.

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