By Warren Thompson

This quantity (the moment in a brand new sequence) illustrates the entire clients of the F-86F, together with the South African Air Force's No.2 Squadron which flew with the 18th FBW, in modern wartime color. those plane have been the most vibrant F-86s ever to determine motion, and the writer has used his large touch base to acquire one of many greatest inner most collections of Korean color fabric on this planet. Accompanying the images are specified captions, fees from pilots in motion and a whole appendices directory of many of the devices that served in Korea, plus specifications/cutaways of the airplane flown.

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The fuel to be used by the engine had to be stable under temperatures as low as minus 90°F in subsonic cruising flight to over 350°F at high cruising speeds when it would be fed into the engine fuel system. There it would be first used as hydraulic fluid at 600°F to control the afterburner exit flap before being fed into the burner cans of the power plant and the afterburner itself. Cooling the cockpit and crew turned out to be seven times as diHicult as on the X-15 research aeroplane which flew as much as twice as fast as the SR-71 but only for afew minutes per flight.

If we did not know these aircraft existed when they were flying, just how many UFO sightings would they have generated when seen from th is angle? NASA ABOVE: The SR-71A Blackbird looks ominous from any angle. For nearly twenty-five years it did its job, and did it well. And though it was fired upon hundreds of times it was never hit by enemy fire. Lockheed Martin A Blackbird at Beale AFB with nine pilot/RSO crewmember pairs all suited up for a public relations photograph. One has to wonder how these men could stand being confined within their cumbersome 'space suits' for the long-duration missions, of which so many were flown.

The hardest problem encountered in flight was the development of the nacelle air inlet control. It was necessary to throw out the initial pneumatic design after millions of dollars had been spent on it and go to adesign using electronic controls instead. This was very hard to do because several elements of the system were exposed to ram-air temperatures over 800°F and terrific vibration during an inlet duct stall. 0 are too complex to deal with in this paper. Initially, air temperature variations along agiven true altitude would cause the Blackbird to wander up and down over several thousand feet in its flight path.

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