By Lissa Adair

A few get jilted on the altar. Sheena will get it the morning after her marriage ceremony, while Kane disappears. five months later, he reterns, decided to win her again.

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I brought the wine,” he said. “You buy the pizza. ” Ian didn't move. He didn't even stand aside from the doorway. He didn't invite Kane in. He didn't say anything. He just stood and looked at him.

Artificial flavoring. Artificial sweetener. It would take her a week to flush the toxins out of her body again. Still, it was better than dying of thirst. Leaning back against the concrete wall of a casino building in a meager patch of shade, she sipped her soda thirstily and pondered her dilemma. She was stranded in Vegas with one hundred bucks in her purse. The first thing she had to do was get back to Portland. She would try the bus station first, she decided, as she squashed her empty can flat, and rammed it into purse.

Back home again, Sheena twisted a lock of her hair in her fingers and stared into the fire moodily. This whole business was taking a toll on her. She wasn't eating, and she felt nauseous every time she thought about her marriage, which was every other waking moment. Even though the retail industry was in the middle of the busiest time of the year, she couldn't seem to summon up the usual burst of enthusiasm she felt each Christmas. She just didn't have the energy. She didn't care. She'd even scanned her horoscope to find the reason for her mood.

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