By Matteo Baldoni, Ulle Endriss, Andrea Omicini, Paolo Torroni

This e-book constitutes the completely refereed post-proceedings of the 3rd foreign Workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and applied sciences, DALT 2005, held in Utrecht, The Netherlands in July 2005 as an linked occasion of AAMAS 2005, the most overseas convention on self sufficient brokers and multi-agent systems.

The 14 revised complete papers awarded have been rigorously chosen in the course of rounds of reviewing and development for inclusion within the ebook. The papers are geared up in topical sections on agent programming and ideology, architectures and common sense programming, wisdom illustration and reasoning, and coordination and version checking.

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G. if OL is closed under propositional connectives, i is not definable by Ki . We also use a third, derived, epistemic operator: ♦i X ≡ i X ∧ i X meaning that the agent knows exactly X. The second difference from the traditional syntactic treatments of knowledge, in addition to the new operator i , is that we restrict the set of formulae an agent can know at a given time to be finite. The problem we consider in this paper is axiomatizing the Complete Axiomatizations of Finite Syntactic Epistemic States 35 resulting logic.

The answer is positive. The following system EC is sound and weakly complete with respect to Mfin . 2 below. Definition 5 (EC ) . The epistemic calculus EC is the logical system for the epistemic language EL consisting of the following axiom schemata: All substitution instances of tautologies of propositional calculus A sound and complete axiomatization of term formulae ∅ ( iT ∧ E1 E2 i ( ( iU ) → iT i (T U) ∧ iU ) → T (U {α}) ∧ ¬ i U {α}) → i T ∧U iT ∧T iU i T → U→ Prop TC iU iU E3 E4 KS KG and the following transformation rule φ, φ → ψ ψ MP ✷ A sound and complete term calculus is given in the appendix.

Sn , π) ∈ mod f (Γ ) such that M |=f φ. Let Ti (1 ≤ i ≤ n) be terms such that [Ti ] = si . M |=f 1 T1 ∧ · · · ∧ n Tn , and thus M |=f ( 1 T1 ∧· · ·∧ n Tn ) → φ. By soundness (Theorem 6) Γ ( 1 T1 ∧· · ·∧ n Tn ) → φ, showing that Γ is finitary. Lemma 15 . Let Γ ⊆ EL. The following statements are equivalent: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Γ is finitary. Γ |=f φ ⇒ Γ φ, for any φ Γ |=f φ ⇒ Γ |= φ, for any φ (∃M∈mod(Γ ) M |= φ) ⇒ (∃M∈mod f (Γ ) M |=f φ), for any φ Γ φ ⇒ Γ ∪ {¬φ} is finitarily open, for any φ. 4 is a finite model property, with respect to the models of Γ .

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