By Edouard Bled

189pages. 23x14x2cm. Broché

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Rains: regnet. shortens: kürzt, verkürzt. stratagems: Listen. tropic: Wendekreis. unhappy: unglücklich, unzufrieden, traurig. varied: variiertet, variiertest, variierte, variierten, variiert, verschieden, abwechslungsreich, divers, wandeltet ab, wandelten ab, verschiedenartig. warmth: Wärme, Glut, Herzlichkeit, Hitze. Virgil 37 BOOK II All%were attentive to the godlike man, When from his lofty couch he thus began: “Great queen, what you command me to relate Renews the sad remembrance of our fate: An empire from its old foundations rent, And ev’ry woe the Trojans underwent; A peopled city made a desart place; All that I saw, and part of which I was: Not ev’n the hardest of our foes could hear, Nor stern Ulysses tell without a tear.

Permit our ships a shelter on your shores, Refitted from your woods with planks and oars, That, if our prince be safe, we may renew Our destin’d course, and Italy pursue. ” Thus spoke Ilioneus: the Trojan crew With cries and clamors his request renew. The modest queen a while, with downcast eyes, Ponder’d the speech; then briefly thus replies: “Trojans, dismiss your fears; my cruel fate, And doubts attending an unsettled state, Force me to guard my coast from foreign foes. Who has not heard the story of your woes, German augment: vermehren, vergrößern, sich vermehren, anwachsen.

Anonym. shroud: Leichentuch, isolierende purple: Purpur, lila, purpurn, violett, Schutzvorrichtung, mechanischer Kontaktschutz, Totenhemd, Sargtuch, Bahrtuch, Leichenhemd. thongs: Riemen. trance: Trance. unbar: aufsperren. visionary: visionär, hellseherisch, vorhersehend, vorausahnend, seherisch, eingebildet. wept: geweint, weintet, weintest, weinten, weinte, träntet, getränt, tränte, träntest, tränten. wounds: Verwundet. Virgil 49 Thy father’s champion, and thy country’s joy! O, long expected by thy friends!

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