By Benjamin R. Foster

2-volume set. includes annotated translations of over three hundred Babylonian and Assyrian literary compositions. between those works are compositions differently unavailable in English, formerly unpublished, or incorporating newly found fragments. one of the compositions integrated are: Epic of construction; Descent of Ishtar to the Netherworld; Atrahasis; Tukulti-Ninurta Epic; Adapa and the South Wind; Adapa and Enmerkar; Etana; Anzu; The Babylonian Theodicy; The discussion of Pessimism; The beginning Legend of Sargon of Akkad; The Gilgamesh Letter; discussion among a guy and His God; The Poem of the Righteous patient; A Sufferer's Salvation; knowledge of Ugarit; Sumero-Akkadian knowledge and Proverbs; Proverbs from Letters; Pious student; The Netherworld imaginative and prescient of an Assyrian Prince; Agushaya Poem; Sargon King of conflict; The Cuthaean Legend of Naram-Sin; Nergal and Eresh-kigal; Shulgi Prophecy; Agum-kakrime and the go back of Marduk; Nebuchadnezzar and Marduk; Marduk Prophecy; Antiochus Soter to Nabu; recommendation to a Prince; The King of Justice; In compliment of Babylon; Erra and Ishum; The negative guy of Nippur; Lament for Tammuz; To Calm a child; To Recapture a Runaway Slave; To safe Brisk alternate at a Tavern; Love Lyrics of Nabu and Tashmetu; Elegy for a girl lifeless in Childbirth; Incantations opposed to affliction; Acrostic Hymn to Marduk; Prayers for Kings and Gods.

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H. Galter, "Probleme historischen-lehrhaften Dichtung in Mesopotamien," CRRAI 32 (1985), 71-79; T. Longrnan, Fictional Akkadian Royal Autobiographies (Winona Lake, IN, 1991). 3. C. Wilcke, "Hymnen B," RLA 4, 539-544. 4. C. Wilcke, "Die Anfange der akkadischen Epen," ZA 67 (1977). 153-216. I. Formation ofAkkadian Literature 41 share formal For the most part, the texts called here hymns or features of both modern genres. Hymns tend to be lyrical expression of praise, together with pleas for general well-being.

46a) is a less clear case. Line 4, for example, alludes to the Six Hundred, who are said to be organized by Marduk in the epic (Tablet VI line 44); the "pitiless deluge-weapon" also recalls the epic (Tablet IV line 49); and the gods take to "secret places," as do the defeated gods in the epic. Since these are stock expressions, one could argue that they show common use of well-known material rather than borrowing. 46~)quotes the epic (Tablet I line 94) in a context making so little sense that Livingstone, Court Poetry, 64.

Weislreit (Munich, 1991)~259-270. 16]). Didactic texts usually focus on practical teaching and advice for a successful life, and were directed to all classes of society. 16a]). Didactic literature is concerned with human affairs, either in the interests of social advancement or of gaining divine favor through proper conduct. Didactic compositions tend to be short and simple, without experimentation in form or medium. 7b 31). ' Why do apparently righteous people suffer while obviously evil ones prosper?

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