By Jennifer Blizin Gillis

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You may want to talk to your friend about the problem, or maybe you just want to focus on having a good time and taking a break from whatever is making you sad. You can also try asking a friend for help on your homework or a project you’re working on. This can actually be a way of making your friendship better. Helping others makes people feel important and useful. The next time you’re having trouble with your homework, try calling a friend and ask if he or she can explain it to you. What Not to Do Learning how to be a good friend takes a lot of practice.

Once you start, you’ll probably want to keep going. Another idea to help yourself get going is to set up an “exercise date” with a friend. If friends are waiting for you, you’ll be more likely to get out and join them. Plus, exercising with others is usually more fun. Exercise safely: • Start slowly and don’t overdo it. • Stretch your muscles after warming up. Doing this lowers your chances of pulling a muscle. • Take a break if you have trouble catching your breath or if you feel pain during physical activity.

On days when you feel sad or lonely, though, it’s natural for your self-esteem to drop a little. You might begin to wonder if people really care about you. You might believe you are to blame for all your problems. I call that twisted thinking, too. Keeping a list of affirmations—good things about yourself—is one way to turn twisted thinking around. Start by listing three things you like about yourself. If you can’t think of any, ask your family members or trusted friends. Or see if any of the ideas in the following list describe you, and start your list with them: I’m helpful.

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